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      Hi All…..

      As promise this is the ‘lite’ version of my Star Skull and Smiley Indicator, and because this is sub sequencer indicator you should understand that the main purpose of this indicator is to understand your ‘playing field’, not only individual signal to entry or exit.   Learn basic knowledge on how market work is a must.. and honestly your success in financial world base on this knowledge, not from your TA tools.

      When I enjoy my hospital trip,   even my son (16 years old) could continue my trading account with very nice result, not because of many sophisticated TA tools, but because he ‘already’ understand how market work… that’s it.

      So, in this SSS indicator you will see so many setting that mostly for ‘appearance’ setting, let’s just try the default first, and this indicator work better in higher TF as reference and combined with lower TF for execution. If you familiar with 3 TF charting concept you will see ‘more’ from this indicator.

      Later, I will explain one by one the indicator setting, and maybe ‘review’ on how to use her.. lol.

      And… if you asking about the ‘result’ ?  lol,  again and again result will be vary depend on your previous knowledge on understanding the market,  for me (or my son for the last 5 weeks..)  with market cyclical knowledge  the result could be zero draw down.. and more than 500 consecutive win trade, but just remember that with very exactly same ‘knife’ you could kill your self in second.. lol.

      To Install, just copy indicator to your Data Folder / MQL4/Indicator fodler and her speak library to MQL4/Library folder

      the default for voice alert is false, and also the ‘voice’ setting is still blank.

      Note1                         =  “Speech Setting”;
      AlertText                     =  ” “;

      you could fill above setting with anything you want as your first attention like your name or ‘boss’,  sir etc or keep it blank..

      BrokerNameText                =  ” “;

      If you open more than 1 MT4 instance from different brokers, the above setting could help you by typing your broker name of their short name as you like, or keep it blank if you only use 1 MT4 with this indicator.

      Currency1Text                 =  ” “;

      for example if you put this indicator at your EURUSD chart,  you could put  ‘Euro’ text here, or for USD JPY you could put   ‘US  Dollar’  here

      Currency2Text                 =  ” “;

      and related to the above for EURUSD chart you could put ‘US Dollar’ text here, or for USDJPY you could put ‘Japanese Yen’ here..

      ChartStyleText                =  ” “;

      for default candlestick chart you could leave it blank, or if you put this indicator to renko chart etc, you could put the type name of the chart here…

      Ok guys, for this moment.. Enjoy playing this new toys..

      and remember don’t play with your real hard earned money, play with your brain and make profit with your money..

      Have a nice week end and Best Regards



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      Intuition, Experiences and Common sense..


        Thanks bro once again for your wonderful gift :)


          thanks a lot brother


            thank you :good:


              Thank you for your great gift, I really appreciate it a lot! I would love to go ahead and test it once the market opens. Once again thank you so much.



                Thanks. :good:


                  Terimakasih saudaraku…maaf gak bisa jenguk coz gak tau dirawat di rumah sakit mana…terimakasih


                    Hi All Brothers and Sisters,  Thank You for all nice comments, once again please remember that, this is not holy grail, it’s only visual tool to help you knowing ‘where are you now’ and ‘where the movement may go from here’..

                    Also, spot market is very ‘manipulated’ market especially the major pairs. So, if you know their ‘cycle’ then you will ‘know’ the next move.  EURUSD is the most manipulated pair, which mean this is the most ‘secure’ pair to deal with.. lol.

                    The ‘key’ is  ‘enough capital’ to protect you from margin call.  You could have ‘floating minus’ all the time but your equity keep growing bigger and bigger.. that’s how we play this game.

                    My Trading rule is ‘no rule’  .. lol, just like any traditional traders in traditional market,  follow the flow,  but always ‘buy’ first and ‘sell’ covering later..

                    This is only for encouraging some of you, that when you are ‘sure’ about what you do then you could achieved any goal..

                    Don’t bother with the value this is local IDR account.. lol.


                    2215 total trades with 4 loss.. is not bad for noob.. right..

                    have a nice week end.. all



                    Intuition, Experiences and Common sense..


                      Thanks Kiads. Awesome account statement  :good:


                      "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality." (John Lennon)


                        2215 total trades with 4 loss.. is not bad for noob.. right..

                        Yep – not too bad! :good:

                        And nice to see you back here – hope you’re well!


                        A good trader is a realist who wants to grab a chunk from the body of a trend, leaving top- and bottom-fishing to people on an ego trip. (Dr. Alexander Elder)


                          Great to see you Kiads!


                          Thanks a lot for the new toy, looking forward to playing with “her”…


                            Welcome back after your “trip”. Wish you good health in the future.

                            Thank you for your latest project. I hope to learn from you the finer points

                            of trading and understanding the big picture of how the market works. :good:


                              Dear Kiads !

                              so happy to hear you again! i hope enjoy your healthy after treatment


                                Hey Kiads,

                                :-) Thank you for this wonderful tool Brother. It is good to see you back on the forum. I wish you good health. I would wish you green pips, but looks like you have that covered lol.

                                Best, Edington


                                  Welcome back!



                                    Great! Thanks Kiads!  :good:


                                      Welcome back Kiads! I hope that you are well now and wish you all the best in the future.

                                      Thank you for your SSS-gift! I’m sure that “she” will do fine.

                                      Best regards.


                                        Awesome.. Thank you and god bless you sir.. :good:


                                          Thank You All.. and good morning (my local time)..

                                          At the beginning of this week we see up signal on EU daily chart..  let see if this is what will happening the end of the day… lol.

                                          Please remember that all that signal icons are broker time dependence, so if your broker has week end candle then this indicator will ‘think’ this week end candle as standard daily candle.

                                          I still prepare small documentation to explain setting function of this indicator, and maybe later we could discuss about ‘how to look at her’ which one is the sexiest area… hahaha…

                                          Happy Trading Guys… :yahoo:





                                          Intuition, Experiences and Common sense..

                                          us fantasy

                                            Yo!!!   kiads ..  nice to see u back here. :yahoo: .  thanks for ur new tool to us    free of charge as usual.. u are the man who gives more free advance tools to the forex community..hope forex factory admin and supporting team regret their site due to wat they did for u … LOL


                                            wish u good health … :heart:

                                            have a nice day  mate… :rose: B-)



                                              Hey Kiads, good to see you back. I wish you good health and thanks for the tool.


                                                The legendary brother Kiads, as usual providing great work to the community. You were missed very much.

                                                Much appreciated Yale.

                                                P.s I wish you great health. :heart:


                                                  Thats awesome! How can you do that!

                                                  Welcome back Kiads…


                                                  Green pips to you and your son.

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                                                    Hi Kiads,


                                                    Hope you’re fine and your health is getting better. Still a pleasure to read your posts.  thanks for your indies and spirit always appreciated my friend.

                                                    Hope to read you soon

                                                    Highest regards


                                                      Thanks Kiads, :good:

                                                      Long time no see. I try your SSS indicator.

                                                      Best Regards,


                                                      I only know I know nothing
                                                      Skype: [email protected]

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