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    video 28 predictive synchronisation a scalpers paradise PLEASE EXCUSE THE COUGH !!!! thought the mike was off

    Thanks a lot Pip. I think I’m heading somewhere… Actually how to draw level lines onto OBV is explained in Killing Zone thread by G. I guess I’ll do something similar to DIFF and OBV2. Have a profitable week. :good:

    The “killing Zone” explanation on Gadi_OBV indie is about finding a RANGE (Horizontal Lines) and not TL on Volume. The above is usefull for breakouts and News trading, as well as finding “false” moves (stupid money price action…). G.

    How about drawing an “adaptive (or living) channel” on both DIFF and OBV?

    Please see the attachment.

    Best regards…

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    Nothing has ever motivated me more than this...

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