I welcome you to the brand new Forex trading systems and indicator development community.

The goal of this site is simple and can be described as “Forex Open Source Community”.

The site aims to create an environment that welcomes you to collaborate and to work with others in order to build profitable trading systems and indicators. Over the years that I have been developing for Forex, I came to realize how difficult it is to build things on my own. I wished that there were like-minded people and friends that I could work together to come up with ideas and to build complex systems. This is the answer that I came up with – Penguin Traders.

And why open source and why make things public? The better question is, why not? We have a thriving and profitable open source software development communities but why not the same for Forex? I think most wouldn’t dare to share their “secrets” or “ideas” because they think that they would lose the edge if others found out. They are afraid of losing money. What I came to find out over the years is that any great idea that I came up with, most likely I’m not the only person with that idea. Even if I shared my ideas, it’s very unlikely that others would see it the way I do or even understand it fully. How many trading systems have we seen well explained yet only a few truly succeed in using them. However, by sharing, I gain the benefit of having my idea analyzed and judge by others, also people will test it out and provide suggestions to improve. I see it as a win win situation in my humble opinion. I plan to release the “secrets” that I discovered and to make public some of the indicators and systems that I spent months developing.

I hope you are excited to join and to be part of this brand new community. Please share this site with your friends and family.

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    1. Registration is currently turned off. Sorry for the inconvenience. This is due to the influx of new visitors. We want to keep this site small. I will turn on registration again once things cool off. Thank you for the visit :-)

  1. Hi Guys – I like the look of your site – especially interested in the Currency Strength approach – would like to participate – please let me know when that’s possible.

    All the best for 2015!


  2. Hi Everybody,

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 to all involved in this thread.
    May this year be the year that all will be very profitable on pips count.
    May our trust and friendship make us a formidable group as we progress.
    Once again, thank to SaverO for this Web and forum site.


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