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      Here are the live charts from GG.

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      Focus, Patience, Determination & Order in chaos


        I moved forward to higher timeframes in order to make trades more manageable and not manual scalping.
        Than I moved to test the same on other currencies – to “see” if this is a “system” or just unique behaviour of EURUSD.
        Conclusion: It works on almost all TF’s and almost on all currecy pairs that I tested it on.

        As to “Stinky”‘s nasty remark about selling signaling service on my site – NOT true. That was a signaling service for David Ben-Naim, one of Real-Forex (Broker) lecturers and Guru’s. They asked me to advertise it on my (unfinished) website. You can verify that with matching advertising on Real-Forex Israeli site.

        You will not find ANYWHERE a sign that I’m selling something or ask for money in any shape or form. Not on my site and not on YouTube and not on PM’s and not on FF.
        I think that “Stinky” offered money for my review of his code – and I refused. I don’t have access to my PM’s in FF, but you can ask Stinky to publish the WHOLE conversation, with my permission.

        Today or tommorrow I’ll post a sequence of current charts with the ForexGT_Arrow, in several TF’s and several currecy pairs.
        I can’t commit myself to do that every day or week – but I’ll try to do it when I have some spare time and MT4 resources.

        I’ll appreciate it if you post relevant parts of this message in FF “Killing Zone” and “Fractals, ZZ, and the…”.




          I’ll appreciate it if you post relevant parts of this message in FF “Killing Zone” and “Fractals, ZZ, and the…”.

          Why do not you do it yourself FFi mail?


            I can’t post in FF, membership revoked.



              Stinky here

              For the record, I DID NOT offer money to G for a review of my code. He simply agreed to the review, I sent him the code, and he didn’t do it. I have our PM exchanges in my email. I suppose he was betting that they are long gone.

              I don’t actually care whether there is a signal service. I was just pointing out that there’s no sign of forexgt arrow predictions anywhere.

              I think there’s a reason G won’t post consecutive trades from one currency pair and TF on myfxbook. It’s because he can’t. However, I have recently been told by someone who’s not a buddy of G that he (the someone who told me) can get clusters of turning point predictions, BUT these clusters are separated by huge gaps. I’m figuring that G gets something similar, and is the reason why he wants to post predictions from multiple TFs and pairs rather than a large string of consecutive predictions from just one TF and one pair


                I didn’t offer to post “trades” – ForexGT_Arrow is an indicator – not an EA.
                Predictions posted on FF are almost all to end of chart at the time they was created, and even predicting next week open.
                I’m not a signaling service and I dont have time to dedicate to “prove” the indicator. You can see it many times of the FF forum.
                How long you want the “cluster” to be on 5 and 15 Min. TF?
                join me on Skype and I’ll share screen with you. You dictate the date diff and I’ll put indie on that, and we can scroll back and forth, if you like….
                Fair enough? are you going to do it? when? and publish what you saw? Stinky?



                  Stinky? My Skype is waiting…
                  Anyone else who wants to join is more than welcome – but you need “Skype Premium” account to share screen live with more than two participants.

                  Invite me on Skype, I’m not receiving emails from this forum.



                    Your predictions at FF can be considered cherrypicked so cannot be taken as proof of your algo’s performance, which is meant to accurately predict virtually every swing point.

                    Surely you must have an ‘always in’ EA by now that utilises the forexgt arrow. If I were a programmer, that would have been one of the very first EAs I would have made. You did however post that you had time to create a ‘monster’ EA utilising renko, forexGT arrow, and your currency strength indicator… But no always in EA for the forexgt arrow???

                    I’m sure most people would like you to post a myfxbook history so you can prove the algorithm to everyone (please do not put any feature on private). That is the point of posting ‘a sequence of current charts with the ForexGT_Arrow, in several TF’s and several currecy pairs’, no? You could even keep the account private for 2 days (m5 TF), then make it public. Then it’s not a free signal service.

                    Why do I even bother with this? Because people have put hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours into developing the algo. You keep posting about it. If the forexgt arrow isn’t the real thing, then you’ve been fooling everyone for a long time. They have a right to at least ask for proof.

                    Myfxbook is waiting…

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                      Hi GG,

                      I must thank you for keeping this concept alive and for keeping us still moving forward with it.

                      I have been really busy with the TZ concept for the past month so I haven’t had time to work on the fractal predictor as I intended to do so. I do plan to return to this sometime very soon. I must admit that it would be a great inspiration if we could see some concrete results. You are not required to do anything obviously. Something like myfxbook would be the best. You can hide levels and such even. That would be such a great thing you could do to shine the light to put fuel into this once again :-)

                      Really appreciate your contributions GG!

                      Focus, Patience, Determination & Order in chaos


                        I repeat: ForexGT_Arrow is an indicator, not an EA.
                        I’m using it to build a trading system – and not for 5 or 15 Min. TF. That trading system is not yet finished.
                        From many years of experience I know that those TF’s are not profitable due to spread, slipage and ranging market conditions.
                        That trading system will NOT rely on ForexGT_Arrow alone, but on some other filters and conditions.

                        As to your “knowledgeable” claim that it is a cherry picked “Cluster” – my Skype is still open and awaiting your call to share screen in live demo – any TF, any date of your choosing.
                        Anyone else that wants to see and get some more explanations is welcome to do so also.

                        Strangely enough you “forgot” to mention my open invitation to see it with your own eyes, ask any question, in your continuing smearing campaign post at “Killing zone”.

                        Skype screen sharing offer is open to anyone who wants to see, ask, test, or whatever on this indicator.

                        This is my last post about this subject, unless someone will take the challenge, see wharever he wants to see or ask about it – and honestly report back his finding.
                        Stinky, Skype is waiting…. maybe that will solve your frustrations…


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                          Again, myfxbook waits for you. I cannot provide proof to everyone, only you can do that.

                          ‘I repeat: ForexGT_Arrow is an indicator, not an EA.’
                          Everyone knows that. It would be almost unbelievable if you don’t have an ‘always in’ EA that uses the forexgt arrow indicator (assuming it is real).

                          ‘I’m using it to build a trading system – and not for 5 or 15 Min. TF’
                          Anyone can see by your FF charts that the forexgt arrow on the m15 would be profitable. Please feel free to post trades to myfxbook using m15 predictions

                          Will you take the challenge, or post another evasive post?


                            It’s you who are evasing the issue.
                            You claimed “cherry-picking” – why not confront that in live session?
                            You claimed “Cluster” – why not confront that in live session?
                            “…assuming it is real…” – you are invited to see, check, ask, record the session, and repeat it with some other qualified person.

                            Confront your claims, and I’ll even show you the way the EA works (or will be, because it’s not finished yet.)
                            It doesn’t going to work the way you are thinking. Maybe it’s unbelievable, but it will work in a different way and not in “Always in” stupid method.
                            You should read some academic research about the results of trend following, and the CORRECT way of doing it.

                            BTW: you are invited to post those messages in FF, but I know you will not do it.

                            What are you so afraid of? Seeing your claims going down the drain?
                            Skype is a mouse click away…



                              I do not see how ‘always in’ is stupid. Anyone can see it would be profitable if the algo actually works.

                              gg53 wrote:
                              ‘If you look at past results (actual real time charts) of the predictions – you will notice profitable results even with poor money management…’
                              ‘The most profitable (pips wise) is the M15’

                              Given ok volatility I would say the m5 would be very profitable as well.

                              Again, only you can prove your algo’s performance. Nothing I post can prove the algo to anyone.


                                Stinky, you are very much mistaken.
                                I don’t have to prove anything.
                                From first post:
                                “…The purpose of this thread is to further explore the ability to rationally and consistently predict major SWING points in Forex trading.”
                                later on:
                                “Our target is to find major SWING points in the forex market, to pinpoint accurately entry and exit point for trading.”

                                Everything else is your WRONG assumptions.
                                You assume that I declared I found the holy grail.
                                You assume that I promised something.
                                You assume that I will deliver an EA.
                                You assume that I have to prove something.

                                What I did is slowly developing an indicator, and in the process making improvement/changes along the way, like any other “work in progress”.
                                Why are you assuming that I have to prove something?
                                I presented my results, posted up-to-date charts so you could (and still are) able to follow what happened next.

                                You also ASSUME that I will (or did) develop an EA according to your trading style. Sorry about that, but Unbelievably – I think differently.
                                You also ASSUME that I’m not allowed to deviate from M5/M15 and go to higher TF’s.
                                You also ASSUME that I MUST post 50 consecutive charts…

                                You are full of assumptions, Stinky.

                                What I find unbelievable is that after all this time you are not going even to take a look at a real, live, full size, indicator.
                                Simply refuse and ignore the invitation.
                                Unbelievable !!!

                                For those who want – invitation is still open.



                                  All our communications will only take place in an open forum. Please stop avoiding posting to myfxbook with a Skype invite. No one anyone posts here can definitively prove your algo. Only you can do that.

                                  It is correct that you don’t have to prove anything. However please prove that you haven’t been fooling everyone by posting to myfxbook

                                  Pictures speak a thousand words as they say. You didn’t actually have to say you found the HG. Are you now saying it is nowhere as good as your charts suggest?

                                  Since the beginning you have been playing the ‘it’s perpetually in development so I don’t have to do anything’ game. E.g. It’s not finished so you said you won’t post the indicator. Your monster EA wasn’t finished so that was the reason for the massive DDs, and now you say you’re working on an EA so you can’t prove the algo on myfxbook.

                                  ‘You also ASSUME that I will (or did) develop an EA according to your trading style. Sorry about that, but Unbelievably – I think differently’.

                                  Going off of the charts you posted to FF, LOADS of people assumed you’d have created an ‘always in’ (a term you coined) EA.

                                  ‘You also ASSUME that I’m not allowed to deviate from M5/M15 and go to higher TF’s’.

                                  You don’t need to go higher.

                                  ‘You also ASSUME that I MUST post 50 consecutive charts…’

                                  Wrong. I ASKED you to post 50 trades using the M5 from one currency pair on myfxbook. This would be sufficient proof for your algo. Hopefully you don’t have a broker friend who’s willing to add/delete trades in your trade history.

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                                    Hi everybody,

                                    Today I had a call with GG53 and all I can say is WOW.
                                    I’ve been following him on the old and then the new thread at FF, at the steve hopewood forum and now here. So when he offered to skype him with any questions regarding is arrow, I did.
                                    I contacted him not because I wanted him to prove his GT arrow to me, but because I needed help with replicating his indicator. We talked for more than one hour. He was very open about his indicator and willing to answer any questions I had. Besides his GT arrow, which I could see work on various TFs and pairs, he also shared some other concepts that he is working on and that stuff just literally blew my mind. If he’s not genius, then I don’t know who is :)
                                    I realize this may sound like Ode to GG, but I believe he deserves it after all he unselfishly shared without asking anything back…



                                      Are you saying that what he showed you matches his posted charts, and that an ‘always in’ EA would be very very profitable?

                                      What he showed you in just one hour cannot constitute proof that the algo can predict virtually every swing point. Impressive maybe, but not virtually every swing point. I still don’t think the algo is anywhere near THAT effective, since he’s so resistant to uploading to myfxbook and says he doesn’t have an ‘always in’ EA. And in that short amount of time, it could have been another algo that you saw at work.

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                                      • This reply was modified 9 years, 5 months ago by Walton.

                                        Stinky: Where exactly did I declare and brag about “predict every swing point”?
                                        You use almost every possible public stage to smear my work and my name – yet refuse, consistenly, to see with your own eyes…

                                        VlanFx: Thanks!



                                          Every swing point, or close to it, is in the charts you post. Are you saying that the predictions suddenly stop while the indicator is on, or that the predictions aren’t as accurate as your charts suggest?

                                          I have only presented the facts as I see them, and asked you to publicly present adequate proof to back up your charts so everyone knows they haven’t been deceived all along.

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                                            I see that your invite to Skype with you has had the effect of getting others (one so far) to post in your defense. But it’s only you who can present the proof for your algo.


                                              Hi, theres enough proof. He doesnt need to prove anything to you, and u avoid him to skype

                                              Best regards


                                                I posted charts, many in real-time, of the indicator.
                                                Nothing more, nothing less.
                                                The indicator continues to perform today very much the same as posted charts
                                                Nothing more, nothing less.
                                                In FF, I presented a theory and explained my way of implementing it. That’s it.
                                                You continue to insist that I have to “prove” something… No, my dear, I don’t have to prove anything.
                                                From where, exactly, did you get the idea that I have to prove something?



                                                  I’m not sure what all the drama is here.
                                                  It seems we have a couple of different perspectives here.
                                                  Lets agree that is the case, and move on.

                                                  I have spoken to/talked to G on many occasion.
                                                  His helpfulness is unquestionable.
                                                  He sees things that most of us don’t.
                                                  We call those types of people visionary.

                                                  Bill Gates, Steve Jobs… they are visionaries.
                                                  They see things the rest of us don’t.

                                                  I put Gadi in that space. You can’t teach it. You just have it.
                                                  All visionaries are met with opposition to their ideas.
                                                  Its ok. Gadi will do what he wants to do.

                                                  You should be grateful you know him.



                                                    It is true, you do not HAVE to prove anything. But since you refuse to do so the question is, why won’t you provide definitive proof in an impartial as possible way? If the algo’s live performance matches your charts it would be very easy for you to prove it. You do not have to show profit on myfxbook, just show when and at what prices the signals occur. You can put it on private for two days, then change it to public when done. M5, one currency pair, approximately 50 consecutive trades (up, down, up, down). Global Prime was created with the intent to be a completely trustworthy broker, so it would be good to open a demo account with them and connect it to myfxbook.

                                                    If you choose not to do so, simply say ‘No’. It would just look very suspicious (except to the true believers who, for some silly reason, don’t require proof).


                                                      Recent charts after this week close.
                                                      2 EURUSD – M5 & M15
                                                      2 GBPUSD – M5 & M15
                                                      1 USDJPY – H4 – Longer terms version


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