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      Hi everybody,

      I’m looking for an indicator which draws the tick chart (or 1 s TF) in the main window of MT4. I know that there are many indicators out there that can draw tick charts in indicator windows, but it’s too complicated to apply customized indicators on it. Thus, I’d be deeply grateful for some recommendations/links to solutions.

      Many thanks in advance!


        Hi Anti!

        Why in the main window? It would visually interfere with original charts, so original charts would have to be made invisible to enhance usability. Displayed in a separate window, this would not be necessary.

        I already developed a simple tick based indicator, posted somewhere around in another thread. Modifiying it to display tick prices would be easy. Displaying OHLC candles at x seconds TF would be a bit more work, but also possible.


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          Maybe my description was a bit delusive: I meant that I’d like to have only tick prizes in the main window in such a way that I can apply each indicator on it. With your solution if I’d apply any custom indicator on the chart, the indicator would only use values of invisible TF candles.


            Hi everybody, Iā€™m looking for an indicator which draws the tick chart

            you can see some very interesting things with a tick chart and certain indicators.

            i can’t remember if you need to enable DLL’s on these.

            add Logtick data and wait for 15 or so ticks to come in and see if the value changes.

            once you see the value on the right start to change you know its working.

            add Posttick data. set how many ticks you want in a bar. wait for a few more ticks to come in till you see both indicators start to draw.

            now click on file and choose open offline. you should see !T-“pair”,M something.



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                Thank you for the recommendation, Lowphat & G. Found at 1 am (local time) a solution – now it’s 5 am (and I have to go to work in 2 hours – what a sad friday …). I must go nuts. MathTrader7_TickChartCreatorEA works best for me.

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