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      Hey fellas, I’m not sure if anybody actually reads these things but for the (un)lucky few that’ve stumbled on this here ramblings of mine: nice to meet you, buddy! I’m guessing you’re bored seen as you clicked on this thread for no particular reason. So yeah, you’re weird… I like it! :-)

      As for who’s writing to you > some guy from the Netherlands (grammar nazi’s exit now please) that’s been dipping his toe into Forex for the last year or so and has finally settled on the intraday system you’re about to read about.

      Like most beginning traders I’ve pretty much tried about every indicator and / or system I could get my hands on and like the arrogant dimwit I am immediately started with a live account, and I guess you know what’s left from that first deposit. Not much indeed.

      Having read just about every thread there is on FF and seeing the most knowledgeable traders getting kicked out over there, my Forex interwebz journey brought me to Steve Hopwood’s site and to you guys — that’s when everything came together and I ended up with an intraday system that’s been feeding me around 30 pips a day. (Whoop!)

      This is how it looks:



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