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      Hi Everyone,

      Just came here, because I saw so many good guys being terminated on FF, I really don’t get it, why would they shut down successful people ?


        ah at last I know how to upload…Yay….

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        Intuition, Experiences and Common sense..


          I had nothing to do with G’s banning. I don’t see how any of my PM correspondence with him would’ve lead to that, unless they were the last straw. I’m very surprised that the members I knew of were banned, except for eitan1010.


            What’s up guys – glad to see you all here!


              Hey guys, glad to see you here. :)

              I was a silent follower of the different TZ threads and want to thank everyone who contributed.

              Thanks saver0 for this forum.

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                Welcome to all the new members! :-)

                Yes, the only reason why I can think of why this happened must be because we are into grail type systems. I talked to a few of you today via Skype and not speaking of myself, some even had trade explorers with real live high gain accounts. And they were sharing techniques of how to gain that kind of a success and they weren’t really keeping much of a secret. It’s easy to see how this may have made certain bankers and brokers who pretty much own and control ForexFactory upset. They don’t want these secrets to go out. I’m seriously worried that now they might really take serious steps to ban retail trading. They have been talking about it for a while now.

                By revoking our memberships and tagging some users as having “additional usernames”, what they have effectively done is ruined any recognition and eliminated any confidence people had with our techniques. Look at that scam thread alone, (, see what I’m talking about? Sure there are scammers but the members that were revoked today and yesterday were NOT scammers, I am one of them. I worked my ass off and I was just beginning to share my discoveries with the members of the forum because I felt moved to give back. But look at what FF has done. It’s disgusting, that’s what it is. They should be ashamed.

                A letter to Please post this on ForexFactory threads, anywhere you want and say its from me. I would appreciate it very much.

                If you are someone that works for FF and reading this now, go stare at yourself in the mirror long and hard. What do you see? In a few years you will be old and with wrinkles, gray hair and maybe no hair. Stare deep into your eyes. Who do you see? Who you see will no longer be there in 100yrs. What you have done is what you see around you everyday in the world. It’s easy to do what you have done, thats the sad part. Be stronger and do the right thing, I know you can do it. If you want the world to be better, to raise your children in a good world and to die one day in peace knowing that you have done good for the humanity, make sure that you do what is right. We all know whats wrong and right, its imbedded in us. Money isn’t everything. It’s not about getting the next big thing or making the next million or two, it’s much much more. It’s what you do and who you are that you cannot buy, and most importantly, its the people! It’s all about people. It’s the things that you cannot buy that is of true value. I believe that you will make better decisions in the future. Because do you know why? There is only up that you can go when you are at the bottom of morality and ethics. Good luck to you ForexFactory. I hope you will someday be a community for traders and not for bankers and brokers. You have disappointed me much today but I gained even more hope for the humanity. So I thank you!

                Focus, Patience, Determination & Order in chaos


                  ah at last I know how to upload…Yay….

                  LOL Kiads, I am glad you have not lost your sense of humour, very glad to follow you :-)
                  Thank you saver0 for this forum, you’ll see me here a lot from now on. Also I will put word around ( I have access to quite a few traders in Aussie land) about crappy ff.


                    Hi Real Traders

                    Most of the banned members at ff are the people who’s advice i look up to, so i have decided to join you here. Hope you don’t mind ;)

                    I have sent several protest msg to ff and its “anti-profit” team and i am sure i will get banned pretty soon anyway lol.

                    Thank you Savero for this opportunity, nice house you’ve got here.

                    Lets make these brokers broke.


                      So my esteemed mentors ended up here!


                        if anyone want a copy of the deleted threads let me know and i will archive them to zip

                        “I believe the very best money is made at the market turns. Everyone says you get killed trying to pick tops and bottoms and you make all
                        your money by playing the trend in the middle. Well for twelve years I have been missing the meat in the middle but I have made a lot of
                        money at tops and bottoms.”
                        – Paul Tudor Jones


                          Hi guys.

                          I have not visited Buried Treasure thread on FF for two days and when I logged in today, I could not believe what I saw. Therefore I hope you won’t mind me joining this neat site.
                          I definitely hope that the reason for revoking membership of the TOP contributors with real success is not the success itself, but in the meantime, let me thank you for this safe corner.

                          Thank you!



                            Howdy all
                            I was suspended for cut and pasting a Kiads shout on his own page – saying he was moving here lol

                            I AM That I AM


                              That would be great.
                              For this purpose we could open a new thread to create an archive of all important posts from the different similarity related threads.
                              The original posts will get deleted soon on FF as they are in the recycle bin.

                              Recurrence as biggest defense and weakness of the market at the same time


                                This is a forum/site I made few months ago when …I can promise that this site will NEVER be influenced by the big money. .. But anything urgent, I can do. When I impliment these security features, I will make an announcement and actually show everyone with a video who it’s truly private.

                                yay! cleared my worry! this website belongs to Saver0. Thanks a lot for your efforts and generosity!

                                The only worry part left..ban retail forex! This gonna be a big news then! But, life still go on….keep moving!

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                                ~~~* life got hope: by the generosity of friends & you *~~~


                                  Hello to all,

                                  I was very angry that so many good people and so much good work and inform ation was banned from FF. To my friend Kiads and everyone here, let us all be free from those who would stop us.

                                  Happy to be here


                                    Guys I do not think we need to worry about them banning retail forex trading. And if they did so what, These ideas are tradable in ranging and trending markets so they will work on any investment tool with a chart and OHLC data that you can use to analyze. so unless they ban all retail trading(which would never happen ever) i don’t think we will have anything to worry about.

                                    at worst they will make a huge effort to try and convince every one their money is safer in penny stocks and pinksheets than it is in forex…

                                    -Life’s Good & Why Wouldn’t It Be? I’m a Pirate After All!


                                      Guys I do not think we need to worry…

                                      dude….you always cool…nicely stated….up UP!

                                      p.s: how to insert emoticon lol

                                      ~~~* life got hope: by the generosity of friends & you *~~~


                                        Saver0 thanks for creating this forum. Maybe someday the truth as to why people were banned will be revealed. I don’t post much in forums but i followed the similarity principle and related threads and understood the content. Hope the great people here will continue to make giant strides in unraveling the mystery called fx.
                                        Crazy friday at the factory!!


                                          I am in total shock that this has happened. Conspiracy theories actually seem quite logical given such an illogical chain of events.

                                          Happy we have somewhere else to exchange ideas. Keep the development up everyone!!

                                          PS. THANK YOU SAVER0!!!

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                                          What's it all about? It's all about money.


                                            I believe that this happen because of the intensity of ‘TZ’ and Sub Sequences, and they ‘tightly’ monitoring any of us, and when any of us make ‘significant’ progress they get worried..
                                            But, well at least now we know the ‘real’ purpose of that FF forum.. and almost surely I will spread this findings among my local country friends.


                                            As we grow older we learn lessons in life and this is one. Things are not what they seem. Who would believe website owners also work for/ with brokers.
                                            When you think about it from the sidelines it begins to make sense. At this point i just don’t know what to believe but will never again dismiss anything outright.


                                              Hey Saver, Pip here. I can’t believe they banned you too… They are going mad over there. Any ways I am here with you as I too want answers but I doubt we will get any. I mean banning you, kiads, ballie, etc is insane….

                                              btw nice little site you got here :)

                                              Hey piratepip i hope you archived all your posts at FF. It may not be too long before they’re permanently deleted.


                                                Hi Kiads,

                                                I simply cannot believe what has happened over at FF. I am so glad that you found another home that appreciates your genius and talent.
                                                I really appreciate your continued efforts to help others in spite of how unfairly you have been treated by others at FF.
                                                Great to see you once again.



                                                  ah at last I know how to upload…Yay….

                                                  Hua ..ha..ha.. you always have nice pictures mate. Nice to see you here …


                                                    Hi everyone,

                                                    I am jimsterk from forexfactory.
                                                    I just want to say hello to everyone.
                                                    My work is busy until end of year, so I am sorry that I cannot participate much these days.
                                                    If I am allowed, I will contribute here and continue our journey.

                                                    All the best wishes for your good health, happiness, and future success.

                                                    PS: saver0, thank you very much for opening this forum!


                                                      Hi guys,
                                                      Nice to see you all here. Thanks saver0 for creating a good place for all of us. Most of us are block there without any reason, like Piratepip, Kiads, Baille, etc. Shame on FF.
                                                      We can continue our nice journey here, this is a good opportunity. This great place is only 3% or smaller, a really rare meeting point :)


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