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    Looks great PiratePip! Can’t wait to see you reach 1000%!! Since you are using SL, I’m confident that you will reach this goal. I need to figure out the SL part for my trading. Currently I’m strictly on MM and using very small lot sizes. Hopefully things will slow down a bit for me so I can think more and come up with a good plan :mail: Its very cool that you got the link to myfxbook and the badge on your signature

    I sure hope i can make it that far!

    Coming up with a sure plan is what really made me break though, before I was all over the place but once I created a plan, the results changed.I too am still working on proper MM and proper RRR to trades etc, its crazy how many moving parts there are for trading…

    and thank you for making your website capable of letting put the link in my sig :)

    -Life’s Good & Why Wouldn’t It Be? I’m a Pirate After All!

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