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    I agree with what you wrote. What I meant in terms of having realistic expectations is realistic in terms of my beliefs. What might be realistic for me wouldn’t be realistic for another. Know what I mean? It’s like if I cannot believe in what I want to accomplish, then I think it can be a waste of time to aim for that goal because most likely the outcome will be a direct result of my strongest belief. If we take Wright brothers for example. I’m sure they believed that they could make a flying machine without a shadow of a doubt. And if we imagine their lives, they were fully qualified to believe so. What they built was based on the experience they attained as bike builders. I can see how for them it would be possible to have this belief of being able to build it. Now is it unrealistic to think that a 13yr old kid could have invented the airplane. We could think it is unrealistic but what if he was such a good mechanic and in some weird way had the skills necessary to come up with something that can fly or had ways of gaining the skills necessary to build such a machine? Then it wouldn’t be so unrealistic. In this day and age, no goal is unrealistic unless its somehow limited by something that we have no control over because we have access to all knowledge. Everything can be learned. Just takes time. Time is the only thing that we need to be realistic with because if not, then we can be in for disappointments. It’s like asking, is it unrealistic to imagine someone making a highly profitable EA within 6 months and make 1 million if this person never programmed or coded ever in his whole life? Now this would be unrealistic I would think unless this person had some way of getting it done maybe through his connections. Now what if s/he had no idea about trading/investing? Now its even more unrealistic. Not impossible but very very small probability. So realistic and unrealistic is in the eye of the beholder. If one can believe that they can do it and have the capacity to do it, then there is nothing that can stop him/her. This is what I mean by realistic :yes:


    I totally agree with you my friend, very well put. :good:

    -Life’s Good & Why Wouldn’t It Be? I’m a Pirate After All!

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