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    Awesome thread PiratePip. These are videos that I have seen and they are like food for the soul.. hehe As for being optimistic and pessimistic, I have a certain view that I have developed through my experience. Most of my life I have been a very optimistic guy and I went through certain pessimistic experiences that shaped the overall outlook of things. I guess now I am more of a realist and I tend to aim for goals that I know I can achieve for certain. Only things that I am optimistic for are the ones uncertain. This enables me to adapt to situations better and take the most beneficial route. Results that I can imagine/believe that I know can be achieved based on the effort that I am able to put in. Obviously this is all shaped and formed by experiences and for each individual the barriers/limits/possibilities are different. There is real power in the ability to believe. But it’s important not to “lie” to oneself. I spent a lot of time trying to “brainwash” or to make myself believe certain things but it was really hard. So instead, I started aiming for what I know I can reach, the small leaps that I can make. It’s like building a ladder to get to the top vs building an elevator. Both are possible, but one is easier to build and to do. I think we all can make ladders and not elevators since most lack the ability to put in the time and effort required to build the elevators. So it can be easier I think to reach our goals one step at a time. Elevators aren’t impossible if one can believe in making one. Also I came to understand that there certainly is more to life than money. Money in a way is raw effort. What we are collecting at the end of the day is the effort of others. One of my beliefs is that there is no way to acquire money (effort) without making more of an effort. It takes massive effort to accumulate massive wealth. Maybe its a limiting belief that I have but based on my experience and the word of the wise that I have heard throughout my life, something that the modern culture lack is the idea of effort. Even the new books like “The Secret” lack to highlight the importance of effort. But the teachers of these self help authors of the early 1900s emphasized the importance of effort. It’s the Newton’s 3rd law of motion at work. Every action will have an equal and opposite reaction. This is why serving others is huge, because we can build things that will even continue to serve others even when we are no longer alive. Think about the massive amount of service that companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft has done and still doing? They have leaped humanity into the future and caused our society to evolve faster. They have touched everyone’s lives, and in return, founders of these great companies are compensated well (I’m not speaking how moral or not their actions are/were haha). Some could argue that they got lucky or knew the right people. Then I would say, even to know the right people, to be in that situation, it doesn’t just land on someone’s shoulder, one has to actively work at it or must have had put in effort in the past to have made those connections and to be in that situation. Anyways, before this gets too long.. I will end my reply with the following video that I recommend everyone to watch
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    Glad you like the thread saver and I like forward to more of your input in these matters :)

    I totally agree that being realistic is very important, but I think it can be very hindering if one is too realistic. and I too think that the real power to what you can achieve lies in what you believe. Will smith sums this up perfectly by saying the every one thought having light bulbs and electricity was unrealistic, thankfully edison didn’t and now we have lights every where. Many people thought shaping metal into the vehicles that would fly up in the sky was unrealistic, thankfully the wright brothers didn’t think so and now people fly on airplanes every day and most people would think it would be unrealistic not to have them now. Most people think its unrealistic to make $120,000,000.00(or 16 billion yen) as a retail investor. This guy didnt think so and now im sure he laughs in the faces of those who said it was unrealistic. I also agree that many people want the elevator to the top when instead the ladder is how you actually get there. You couldnt build any elevators if you didnt have ladders to begin with. Will also sums this up greatly by saying success is like building a wall. You don’t just build the great wall of china out of no where. You take one brick a time and lie them as perfectly as you can and as time progress you soon have a wall.

    Will Smith – “being realistic is the most common traveled road to <span data-dobid=”hdw”>mediocrity</span>

    I also agree that nothing comes with out the work. Its all about what you put into it. That book I linked called the tipping point talks about this. The author says every ones tipping point for a craft is when they have achieved 10,000 hours of doing whatever it is they want to truly master. That would be <b>20 hours</b> for <b>50 weeks</b> a year for <b>ten years</b> = 10,000 of chart time to reach this point. Most people will never do anything for this amount of time and this is why most people never truly become successful at what it is they do. Most people don’t believe in themselves when they are not successful in 2 or 3 years when they spend 2 maybe 3 hours a day working on whatever it is they are doing and quite. It is the people who believe the dots will connect in the end(the like good ole steve says in first video) who make it to 10,000 hours and actually become a master at what they do. I thankfully am fortunate enough to have put in much more than 20 hours a week of screen time and settle easily around 40-50 hours a week or more(I have no life lol) but it is starting to pay off. I am no where near accomplishing 10,000 hours thought as I have only been working at this for 2 years now so about 4,500-5000 hours… Half way there :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:   I recommend every one read those books they are very interesting

    Also I love that video you linked doing things like this not only help your outlook on life but they always teach you massive amounts of discipline, which is crucial in trading.


    -Life’s Good & Why Wouldn’t It Be? I’m a Pirate After All!

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