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    Hi PiratePips,

    First of all, pls let me have the honor of congratulating you for your success in integrating the ideas of TZ and growing your account. I am a lurker in FF but decided to join penguin traders after I saw a lot of previous contributors to this great idea was suddenly all gone. I was very glad I found here thanks to everybody for not letting TZ concept gone away.

    I’m still trying to figure out how to trade TZ. I’m sorry but pls allow me to quote MAM trader in FF his own thread, MAM trader mention TZ is just like a “n-bar fractal”. Pls refer to attached pic. Is TZ behaving like a fractal. 1)Fractal is a high or low signifies a reversal but 2) fractal repaints or updates when a new high or low is made..

    In another words, PTZ – trade away as in like reversal like ping pong. Mid PTZ in a trend is when the fractal repaints when a new high or low is make. Normally how would u trade it if u don’t mind me asking. Pls enlighten me as until now I still haven’t really figure out. Thanks a lot for your contribution really appreciate it, thx.

    Thanks & Best Regards,


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