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    Hi Everybody,

    I am actually a lurker in FF. I just join FF as member after chancing upon TZ concepts, been trying hard to figure it out with no success as of yet. Was shocked when I found a lot of members are suddenly gone. So I chanced upon this website. Thanks for setting up this forum and thanks to all the brilliant minds who was talking abt TZ but actually I didn’t really get it as it seems to be too complicated until after I saw M.A.M trader during his own thread that TZ is just “n” bar fractal, I tried to verify what he said, and it does seem to hold some truth. Pls bear in mind that I am not acquainted to M.A.M trader in any way but found his posts with wisdom if u really read carefully and not judging first. Pls note I am not flattering him also since I dun know him and he also dun know me. Pls allow me to post this pic and discuss abt TZ. Just my 2 cents. cheers.

    Attached pic is USDJPY H1 with TZ H=30 and MTF Fractal of D1 and H4. Notice D1 & H4 fractal agrees with TZ, h=30. Pls forgive my editing skill as Its my first time posting with pic and edit with paint.

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