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    Here’s a sample implementation:

    The “rules” or recommendatio are completly wrong and in opposite direction.

    The ABCD points resembles kind of Elliot & Fibonacci “patterns”, which in your other book, the author said:


    Evidence Based Technical Analysis  rejects all subjective, interpretive methods of Technical Analysis as worse than wrong, because they are untestable. Thus classical chart patterns, Fibonacci based analysis, Elliott Waves and a host of other ill defined methods are rejected by Evidence Based Technical Analysis. Yet there are numerous practitioners who believe strongly that these methods are not only real but effective. How can this be? Here, Evidence Based Technical Analysis  relies on the findings of cognitive psychology to explain how erroneous beliefs arise and thrive despite the lack of valid evidence or even in the face of contrary evidence. Cognitive psychologists have identified various illusions and biases, such as the confirmation bias, illusory correlations, hindsight bias, etc. that explain these erroneous beliefs.


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