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    -please add automatic refresh, this version needs manual refresh to update, if continuous update is CPU-consuming please force refresh only on new bar

    You’re absolutely right: there was a bug relating to refresh buffers on new bars – thanks again for pointing this out! Bugfixed versions here, the buggy versions in the above post will be deleted. s.

    Thanks simplex, will test new versions but ….

    Houston, we’ve got a problem (maybe ..)

    I noticed that AUD and  NZD tend to show strange peaks, as if they were overweight than other curencies. Since the basic algorithm is the ROC likely this behavior is related to the current value of each pair compared to USD, ( about 0.7 now, other currencies are more than 1.00 ). I think it is necessary an overall normalization (or something else) to standardize the movement of any currency, otherwise the results would be distorted. What do you think?  :unsure:

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