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    It’s somewhere on “Killing Zone” @FF. I don’t have it anymore, only newer versions.

    Thanks, found it over here:

    Nice one, and a good idea to compare it to ASS_Correlator – see the pic. I included my settings window in the pic, so it should be easy for you to reproduce that. The snapshot is taken from my current WIP version, so you won’t find all of its parameters in the published version, but the math is absolutely the same.

    1st view comparison (this is not final!) of Gadi_Currencies_Diff v.3.0 (bottom) vs. ASS_Correlator (top) with the settings shown: all major turning points (see 5 dashed vertical lines) occur at exactly the same bars, while ASS_Correlator is a bit smoother.

    Do you use an adaptive final smoothing in your indi? I can’t tell because I have the ex4 file only.



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