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    As promised, here is the indicator to go with this trading strategy. It’s a form of money flow that removes volatility to show you the true direction. It’s all a sine wave :-)

    Apply the attached template to like the EURUSD M15 chart. Take a look at the settings and apply the similar settings for GBP if you need it. I only trade the EUR/USD so I don’t really care for the rest.

    Place the 1pip trade in the direction of money flow.. for example if you see money coming into USD (USD chart going up with a solid bottom, higher lows), then you know USD is long and then find another currency which the money is flowing out of.. in the screenshot, you will see money flowing out of AUD at 2:15AM. This would be short trades off of the tick chart on every pull back :-)

    Wish you all many green pips!

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