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    Here are the results on live account of last ~2 days. Without Lots compounding.

    Logic is based on ForexGT_Spaghetti (Currency strength) and ForexGT_TickVolume indies.

    Main targets are minimal time in market (currently most trades are closed within few M15 bars) and minimal DD (currently 0.03%).

    Only one open trade per currency pair, fixed 3 pips trailing stop, 24/5 hrs trading.


    Currently running backtest for one year. Although not indicative, it will show problematic areas/entries of this system logic. Will report when finished (it’s slowwwww….).

    Currently 76 profitable trades, 0 losses.

    Need to fix/change:

    1. Change Trailing stop to dynamicaly adapt to spread & commissions (if applicable).

    2. Don’t trade Daily High/Low for xxx pips Below/Above it.

    3. implement no NEWS trading for xx minutes before and after.

    4. Optimize trading hours.




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