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    what you dont get is when its trending you dont need TZ :) all TZ having +50 bars on the left side min so its always > %90 probability of price will retest the trendend side fractal so you dont need TZ. dont fool (sorry) yourself. put MA30 watch when its trending it will give you same result as TZ. so TZ is good for range. what FX-jay was doing making money when price range ;) go back his first 110 posts and see what I am saying I hope I a clear

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    <div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>mam.trader wrote:</div> my system is good at trending matkets. trading pullback in a slope move. diagonal entry but not good at range market. TZ is good when ranging ;) so I am interested in it. actually the reason why I spent that much time at FF was that. also I have bad habbit. I cant stay slient when I see unfait things. personality. I cant stop myself. when was there got into trouble with soem others as you can remember. now: any simple simple MA code makes money in second half of 2014 buy usdjpy sell eurusd sell gbpusd no matter what………….. trade and sleep but when it turn to range it will take those back and more if you are on the same code. never forget what ever you see on chart is because it happend that way next time it will not. I again repaet TZ is a system for range market not for trending. a friend of mine actually forward testing my TZ concept with good results trade well

    <div class=”d4p-bbt-quote-title”>KENERGY wrote:</div> Hi mam.trader, Glad to see you here. There are methods to use the TZ concept to trade trending markets, but I am not yet sure if they are better than buy and hold strategy. I wrote an EA that tripled an account (in backtesting) during the recent EUR/USD move by assuming that the PTZ would fail (80+ % fail) and selling on the retrace. In other trending markets the timing of it sucked, so an EA is harder than manually doing it. I hope to code it eventually, because I think the TZ makes it easier to code pattern matching and timing due to the simplicity of defining the highs and lows. That said, your techniques may be giving you similar buy sell points (never sell at support etc.) so why would you need to pay attention to TZ. Ken

    Again TZ can easily be used to trade trending markets. Look at the 3 pairs mentioned if you used the method I mentioned in my first response. just buy/sell when PTZ forms in direction of trend. There was money to be made all day and if you just held each entry you would have a very nice pyramid position.


    I know exactly what your saying again I explained this all in this post when i first started my thread  using this pic. Please do not assume I am fooling my self when you haven’t even read my thread(which i refereed back to when i first responded).


    it was on page 2…

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