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    Hi guys actions of twee did not surprised me. I am reading FF for long due to trading and using calender for almost 8 years, I can say that a) twee has mental issues, I persoanlly call him modassrator. not only here I also called him same way when having contact with him. so I am telling the words here also I told to his face :) b) FF does not give a shit if system good or bad if they see run away people from site, they do anything. their GOD is click count c) I am warning FF and many users like eitan1010 eurusdd that they got too far. you cant use a free forum as a network to collect millions of dollars. nobody take care of some thousands but what eitan1010 and eurusdd planned was big. ( carididi74 plase lets dont answer me here. I am not offensive. I warned you and your master many times that he went too far) d) PM is private to others, not to the moderassrators ;) e) I have no clue why I am suspended but I am not going to go after that. I dont give a shit. f) the big scam is not show up yet. its actually planned very well and hide in the eurusdd shadow. the biggest scam will come from the most trusted member(s) g) it might not come out soon while as said well planned. but it will come out. I will not say any name here while I dont have the proofs in my hand but I had no proof in my hands for eurusdd and eitan1010 but time showed that I am right. have a nice day PS: dont use TZ for trend trading. you cant. TZ is range trading method

    I won’t start a battle with you even here,as also you requested… but this post just for letting others knowing that the bolded not make much sense. Have not you been banned too? So you are part of the that big scam too like me, saver0, kiads,and all the good sharing people banned recently?  What is the clue in your bolded, saying “time showed that i am right”? In a matter of fact (if some strange things don’t come up to twist everything) FF are the scammers TOWARDS the members, actually …period.


    And please don’t start you negativity here against everyone you don’t like or to whom you have conspiracy theory against. Not the place here ok?

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