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    Ok, let’s roll our sleeves…

    1. Naked chart is not the way to go. You already admitted that you use some sort of Bull/Bear in some trials – and that’s NOT naked chart.

    2. “Currency Strength” indicator should have PREDICTIVE nature (at least on smaller TF’s).

    3. Based on #2 above – it can’t use standard MA’s, CCI, WPR, etc. – because (lagging, lagging, lagging…)

    4. “True” currency strength should manifest itself on other, related, currency pairs.

    5. In order to avoid the inter-relations effect among currencies we need some EXTERNAL “anchoring” (KIAD’s terminlogy – already discussed here) as reference.

    6. Question: Does individual currency “market share” factor should be used? is it logical?

    7. Question: When comparing currency pairs, should we use currency pairs “crosses? my experience shows that they introduce “noise”, but I’m open to others logic.

    8. Question: How to deal with “Rate of Change”?

    9. Question: How to deal/incorporate with the attached chart?

    10. Ultimate goal should be a SCANNER, suggesting best pairs to trade, direction, and with timestamp of entry.


    Any more ideas?





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