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    A useful little tool to view MT4 logfiles

    When debugging my Dynamic TP prototype (which seems to be working now :-) ) I had to study the MT4 Tester logfiles very intensely at a very detailed level. Most of you will know the problem that the logfiles are ‘presented’ by MT4 in a horrible way (1st pic). So it is not surprising that some of us are getting more and more trouble with their eyes.

    That’s why I prefer to look at those logfiles with my preferred text editor (I also use it for coding). It’s Notepad ++. Even in plain view, NPP is an improvement as compared to MT4 view (2nd pic).

    But like all good coding editors, NPP can be user configured easily to match display requirements for any programming language. So I quickly (about 10 minutes) defined a ‘language definition’ that matches the output of MT4 tester output, with a special modification to meet the needs of our Penguin EA (3rd pic). I think in this view, you can really dig in the details of a logfile for debugging and enhancing your strategies.

    And if you need a certain additional keyword (like IsPeakTroughChange) just temporarily: this was added in 5 seconds (4th pic) and removed again in 3 seconds.

    If anybody is interested, I’d happily share how it’s done.


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