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    The above EA “exercise” was just a proof of concept.

    VlanFx EA is profitable in many parameter variations.

    If you notice pending trades, you’ll see that most of them are gatherred in clusters areas that are market significant.

    This is just using the Peak & Trough algo. Imagine what can be done if we add the Trend, thus reducing the loosing position and increasing the TP & Trailing.

    Open pending orders can be automatically or manually removed at the end of the day, or at will.


    My prefered settings for this EA are: EURUSD, H1, 0.01 Lot:

    TP: 40,  SL: 25,  Trailing: 5,  the rest as default.

    Very low DD, good profit, good win/loss ratio.


    DD: 0.12%, Winning trades: >85%

    Duration: 17 Aug 2015 – 14 Dec 2015 (~4 months).

    Remember that it’s just a proof of concept. Peak & Trough algo could be further enhanced, add the Trend algo, add auto SL based on volatility, etc, etc….


    Good job, VlanFx !!




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