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    quick question, i just looked at couple trades and looks like myfxbook is calculating pips wrong on these two. the price moved 135.8 pips but it shows 1358 pips (for #1). for most others it is showing correctly but these two seems wrong. Open Date Close date Symbol Action Open Price Close Price Pips Duration Gain 11.27.2014 14:52 12.01.2014 01:05USDJPY Buy 117.60200 118.96000 1358.0 3d 5.86% 11.27.2014 14:52 11.30.2014 22:53 USDJPY Buy 117.60200 118.79500 1193.0 3d 2.34%

    It also did the same thing to my NZDJPY that trade. Again though if you move decimal to the left 1 space it will tell you proper amount of pips gained.


    Thanks. yes seems weird for pips but hopefully pnl calculations are good. yes would have been nice to bag couple 1000 pips trades (i guess you can have those if you leave some for real long term positions).

    Good trading!!

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