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    quick question, i just looked at couple trades and looks like myfxbook is calculating pips wrong on these two. the price moved 135.8 pips but it shows 1358 pips (for #1). for most others it is showing correctly but these two seems wrong. Open Date Close date Symbol Action Open Price Close Price Pips Duration Gain 11.27.2014 14:52 12.01.2014 01:05USDJPY Buy 117.60200 118.96000 1358.0 3d 5.86% 11.27.2014 14:52 11.30.2014 22:53 USDJPY Buy 117.60200 118.79500 1193.0 3d 2.34%


    It also did the same thing to my NZDJPY that trade. Again though if you move decimal to the left 1 space it will tell you proper amount of pips gained.

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